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Tips and inspiration

Here you will find tips and inspiration from me. It can be anything from how to easily create something, recipes that I want to share with me, garden tips and much more.

When I add something new, I hint at it on my Instagram 

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Recycle more!

For a week I wore a small serial  Instagram  on the theme of recycling. Here you can take part in the seven sections where I create new from old,  recycles  old knowledge and old motives.  

TEMA Återbruk

Autumn crafts

"The whole forest is full of  treasures "states Ingrid and Ivar in the book where they go on a treasure hunt. So the children and I went out and came home with lots of autumn treasures which we then made paintings of. Simple, fun and beautiful! 

Ett enkelt tvålfat

Make your own soap dish

Make your own simple and beautiful soap dish that makes your soap feel good!

Take a dish of ceramic or porcelain. Add stones you like. Clear! Now you have a simple,  beautiful and good soap dish.

Skapa av sommarens kvarlevor

Create of the summer


Picking and drying flowers is really nothing new. Most  have probably done it at some point. But maybe it was a long time ago you did that?  

The first summer in the house, I picked a few different flowers and plants in our garden and put in different history books. These books were both large and heavy, perfect for squeezing and drying flowers in. Then I forgot about them. It was only when the cats showed an unusually great interest in these books that it struck me. I remembered .  Which  happiness!


Create a window mobile for the children's room

Time to sleep the little one in her room. I sit next to the crib, singing and watching  the little life  slowly but surely fall asleep  with his hand in my. Now she's sleeping. I'm still sitting. Looking at her playful room and then I get an idea. How nice it would be with a window mobile, made of wool balls and pearls hanging down from a wooden stick. So then I made one and my wife pinned a butterfly.  

Beautiful in its simplicity. And the little one likes it, especially  the pearls that sparkle in the sun.  


And the cats also like it ... a little warning :)

I have a bunch of these wool balls to spare if anyone wants to buy this particular color combo of wool balls.  

Skapa en fönstermobil till barnrummet

A lemon mobile for the kitchen

Cut some lemon slices and thread them on a wire and  hang in the window. They become very  beautiful when dried. 

Citronmobil till köksfönstret
Gardinstång att hänga kryddor och blommor på tork
Åtstramande ansiktsvatten
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