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Aggi's seed storage

Here you can order a seed storage that I do for you :) The seed storage consists of a back piece in fine jute fabric and then there are three storage boxes. The boxes are crocheted with jute yarn and the green edge is made of the natural material hemp. It is also from this hemp yarn the hanging threads are made of.


A box is 10 cm wide and 8 cm deep. 


The only thing that is not included are the clothespins or clamps that I have on my hanging threads. 


Among the product pictures you will find a size chart, but if you have requests for other sizes, different number of storage boxes, etc., just let us know and we will create one that suits you and your needs. The price may then be adjusted slightly upwards or downwards. 

Aggi's seed storage

  • Material

    100% jute thread

    100% hemp yarn from Number One Hemp

    Wooden flower sticks

    Recycled cardboard for the bottoms

    Cardboard paper and safety pins for the labels

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