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Aggi's garden belt

This is a practical apron for you who usually work in the garden. I have chosen a slightly stronger linen fabric that is a bit durable. The pockets are also made of the strong linen fabric  but they have got an extra layer of one  green linen fabric. The main pocket has been embroidered with a garden-inspired pattern. 



I have added a field where you can add wishes. It may be that you want the pockets to have the same color as the rest of the apron, ie that I ignore sewing on the green linen fabric on the pockets. 


You may have requests for a different type of embroidery. Maybe something reminiscent of vegetables or garden tools. Here we can try to produce a sketch that matches your wishes :)

Aggi's garden belt

  • Mått

    Bältet med fickorna är 86 cm långt och 39 cm brett.

    Knytbanden är 50 cm långa. 

  • Material

    The belt is made of 100% untreated linen fabric, Oeko-tex certified. The pockets are also made of linen fabric, I do not have more detailed info about this fabric.

    The embroidery consists of 100% cotton yarn and 50% cotton / 50% bamboo yarn. 

    The buttons are made of wood.

  • Care instructions

    It is possible to wash the apron, even if you choose it with embroidery. Wash at 40 degrees and do not use fabric softener. 

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