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Children's garden belt

Encouraging children's interest in cultivation is important. Through cultivation, children learn  important and amazing things about our nature. As a way to encourage and stimulate my child's existing garden interest, I have now created garden belts for children. 


The belt consists of three pockets, in different sizes, and a child to hang a garden tool in. They  are embroidered with garden-related motifs and the yarn I use is 100% cotton, mostly recycled cotton. The back of the border is covered with a layer of fabric.


The linen fabric is of the stronger kind, so it can withstand work, play and mischief. 


Children's garden belt

  • Size guide

    Age and approx  measure 

    around the waist / hip

    Length of the part

    medalla pockets

    The width of

    same part 

    2-4 years

    about 52 cm

    40 20

    4-6 years

    about 58 cm

    46 25

    6-8 years

    about 64 cm

    52 30

    8-10 years

    about 70 cm

    58 35

    10-12 years

    about 76 cm

    64 40


  • Material

    The belt is made of 100% untreated linen fabric, Oeko-tex certified. 

    The embroidery consists of 100% cotton yarn, most of it is recycled cotton spruce.

  • Care instructions

    It is possible to wash the apron. Wash at 40 degrees and iron the belt afterwards.

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