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Eco-soap Red clay & Rose - oriental scent of patchouli

A handmade organic soap that is suitable for both body soap and hair soap. Roses and red clay give the soap a lovely color and add a light scrubbing effect. The essential oil patchouli smells oriental and gives a wonderful yoga atmosphere. Suitable for dry to combination skin and both nourishes and moisturizes. When used as a shampoo, the soap is suitable for balanced hair / scalp.

Eco-soap Red clay & Rose - oriental scent of patchouli

75,00 krPrice
  • Weight

    40 g

  • Ingredients

    Made with certified organic / natural saponified Swedish cold-pressed rapeseed oil, coconut fat, olive oil, cocoa butter, castor oil. Essential oil Patchouli, Björk. Red Clay Tea and leaves of roses.

    Ingredients: Sodium canolate, Sodium cocate, Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium olevate, Sodium cocoa butterate, Sodium castorate, Red Clay, Rose extract and leaf, Pogostemon patchouli oil, White birch oil.

  • Care instructions

    The soap thrives best on an airy soap dish, feel free to switch between two soaps so it can dry up between uses, then the soap feels good & lasts longer!

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