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Kitchen towel "Allmoge"

A nice and simple kitchen towel in 100% linen. Embroidered with "sloppy" split sleep in five different colors.  The embroidery yarn is 100% cotton. 


The linen fabric is untreated (not dyed or bleached) and thick enough for the purpose. I have washed it once before I cut the fabric as the linen shrinks at the first wash. 


The kitchen towel is 40 x 57 cm large. 

Kitchen towel "Allmoge"

  • Material

    The kitchen towel is made of 100% linen fabric (280  g / m2), untreated (uncoloured or bleached). I have washed it once.

    Sewn with 100% cotton thread, organic and GOTS-certified. 

    The embroidery thread is 100% cotton.

  • Measure

    Length: 57 cm

    Width: 40 cm

  • Care instructions

    It is good to wash at 60 degrees, but it is good not to have too high a centrifuge (max 800). 

    Feel free to put the kitchen towel in lukewarm water 20-30 minutes before washing to avoid the fabric getting light streaks and  do not use fabric softener as it impairs the absorbency of the linen fabric. 

    The towel will be a little stiff when you get it  (and after washing) but when you start using it  softens the fabric  and becomes more  compliant. 

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