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A kit for the kitchen "Christmas special"

The kitchen gift Christmas special is a nice and useful gift to give to someone this Christmas.


All variants contain the Christmas collection of my knitted dishcloths and all variants come in a basket that I crochet from jute string. You can get it with or without Christmas ribbon around the basket.


It is available in four variants:


The  the ultimate kit  - Knitted dishcloths, dish brush from Iris crafts, dishwashing detergent from Gröna Gredelina, handmade kitchen soap from Malin in Ratan (SEK 750)


The kit with two soaps -  Knitted dishcloths and  two different handmade soaps  from Malin in Ratan (SEK 685)


The kit with a soap -  Knitted dishcloths and handmade kitchen soap  from Malin in Ratan (SEK 595)


The kit with only the knitted dishcloths  (SEK 530)





A kit for the kitchen "Christmas special"

  • Weights and Measures

    The dishcloths are about 20x20 cm

    Jute basket 15 cm in diameter

    The kitchen soap from Malin in Ratan  40 g

    Wash-cleaning-dish soap from Malin in Ratan 90 g

    Detergent from  Green Gredelina  250 ml

    Dish brush from Iris handicraft L: 23 cm W:  4 cm 

  • Material

    Dishcloths - 34% hemp, 41%  cotton and 25%  modal

    The basket - 100% jute string

    The soaps from Malin in Ratan - see under each soap in the category "To the body"

    Dish brush from Iris handicraft - horsehair and untreated beech wood

    Detergents from Gröna gredelina -  Acqua (water), sunflower seed acid (soaped sunflower oil) *, helianthus annuus flower extract (essential sunflower oil) *, sodium chloride (mineral salt) *. * organically grown ingredients.

  • Care instructions

    The dishcloths should preferably be washed once before using them for the first time. The structure changes with the washing and the ultimate absorbency kicks in. 

    Wash at 60 degrees, do not use fabric softener. 

  • Value

    The dishcloths SEK 450 

    The kitchen soap (40g) SEK 65

    Wash-cleaning-dish soap (90g) SEK 90

    Detergent SEK 100

    Disk brush 55 kr

    Jutekorgen 160  SEK but if you buy the gift kit, you only pay SEK 80 for it

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