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Coffee filter made of organic linen fabric

A step towards a sustainable society is that  replace disposable items with reusable products. Coffee filter is one such product. With a fabric coffee filter, you can easily use it over and over again!


I sew my coffee filters in an untreated, organic linen fabric that is GOTS-certified. I wash the fabric at 60 degrees before I sew the filter.  The thread is also organic and is made of cotton. It is also GOTS-certified. 


Since I usually prep the coffee maker the night before, I think it is  practical to have  two coffee filters . Then I rinse out what I used during the day and hang it to dry and use my second dry filter to prep tomorrow's coffee. 

Coffee filter made of organic linen fabric

  • Size

    1 x 4

  • Material

    Organic, unbleached linen fabric and organic cotton thread. Both are GOTS certified. 

  • Care instructions

    When the coffee is ready, and the swamp has cooled, empty the filter into the compost. Then rinse the filter in warm water, twist it out and hang it to dry. 

    Every now and then it is good to wash the filter at 60 degrees without detergent or rinse aid. 


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