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Kreativa dagboken - mindfulness med naturen som kraftkälla

Nature is full of wonders, but how often do you take the time to appreciate the night sky, breathe in the scent of a tree, or observe all the little creatures around you? The creative diary contains 365 mindfulness exercises that help you calm the soul with the help of nature.

Nature experiences can appear a bit anywhere. It can be about paying attention to the birds on the lampposts in the city, drawing a sunset or completely walking up by yourself on a meadow full of flowers. Short meditative tasks are mixed with longer ones. The simple pleasure of painting a flower can in various ways link our senses with the earth. This beautifully illustrated book is a reminder of how closeness to nature can enrich our lives.

Kreativa dagboken - mindfulness med naturen som kraftkälla

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  • Info about the book

    Original title:  Nature Tonic

    Author:  Jocelyn de Kwant

    Illustrator:  Claire Owen

    Format:  Flexband

    ISBN:  9789177837848

    Language:  Swedish

    Number of pages:  240

    Release Date:  2019-08-29

    Translator:  Cecilia Ljungström

    Publisher:  Tukan publishing house

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