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Linnea's monthly card with embroidered envelope

At home, we let Linnea's monthly card show and celebrate the wonderful with the month we are in now. The children are present when the monthly picture is changed and we talk about the season we are in and what comes with it.


I think that more people may also want to do something similar, so I offer you Linnea's monthly card. There are 12 postcards, one for each month. 


You can either order them as they are and have them delivered tied together with a jute string . Or you can order them with an embroidered linen envelope , as I do when you place the order. 


The envelope is made of a slightly coarser and untreated linen fabric to give the feeling close to nature. I have let the seasons appear in the year wheel you can see surrounding the heading "Linnea's monthly card". It starts with the spring tussilago, turns into the warming sun of summer. Then we approach  autumn with a blueberry bush, to finally move on to the hopefully cold, snowy winter.


I have bordered the blueberries with a yarn I dyed with just blueberries! Even the wooden button, which I made myself,  is colored with blueberries.


Linnea's monthly card with embroidered envelope

  • Measure

    Each postcard is 10x15 cm

  • Material

    Printed on environmentally friendly paper with degradable varnish

  • The embroidered envelope

    The size is 12x16 cm, adapted to the 12 postcards.

    The linen fabric is untreated (not bleached or dyed)  and OEKO-tex certified data,  which means that no hazardous substances are used in the manufacturing process.

    Embroidered with a little different yarn consisting of 50% cotton and 50% bamboo. 

    The yarn used for blueberries is a white yarn that I then dyed with just blueberries. 

    The button is made of wood from our own forest. It is also colored with blueberries.

    I have reinforced the envelope with cardboard that I have sewn into the envelope. 

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