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Loofah pillow 2-pack

Unbleached loofah that are compressed to reduce space in the delivery. Once soaked and swollen, shape and set to dry. Excellent as a soap dish and abrasive sponge.


The airy and stringy material absorbs water and allows your soap to dry up between uses, which prolongs the soap's shelf life. The loofah pillows are not inflated, but you fix it yourself by soaking them.


In addition to being a well-draining soap dish, the loofah pillows have many uses; Use as a dish sponge, to clean the sink or to scrub the body with.


They come in 2-pack with a small and a large. The dimensions vary.

The pillows are made by Malin in collaboration with a local work-integrating social enterprise that cuts and attaches labels to loofah. That way, Malin can in Ratan offer work to people who for some reason are outside the labor market. Great, thinks Aggi!

Loofah pillow 2-pack

  • Care instructions

    Malin recommends switching between two loofah pillows so that one can dry up from time to time, so it is extra good with a 2-pack. The flat shape is durable as they take up less space in shipping.

  • Storlek

    Storleksvariation mellan 9 - 15 cm i diameter och 1 - 3 cm i tjocklek och passar de större tvålar från Malin i Ratan.

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