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Majas lilla gröna

"First I poke down my seeds, then I pray a little prayer: that the sun will shine so the pea grows and it can go faster than you think. You have to wait of course then it goes fast and suddenly one day the pea is big. Then is it time to harvest Pea party we have on Saturday! "

Maja's little green is not an ordinary garden book, but rather an idea and inspiration book that shows how fun it can be to work in the garden. 


The book is written and illustrated by Lena Andersson.

Majas lilla gröna

  • Info about the book

    Author:  Lena Anderson

    Illustrator:  Lena Anderson

    Format:  Carton

    Edition:  3

    ISBN:  9789129692365

    Language:  Swedish

    Children's book:  Child facts

    Number of pages:  32

    Release Date:  2013-12-05

    Publisher:  Rabén & Sjögren Förlag

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