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A practical and nice mailbox to have in the hall, or somewhere else for that matter! The mailbox can be shared by the family or why not give each family member their own?


The mailbox is crocheted with 100%  recycled cotton yarn, a strong and durable yarn. The back  is crocheted on the outside and on the back it is  linen. Behind the folded and fabric is a thin plywood board. In the corners I have made a stop for nails or screws. The screw head is easy to hide behind the crochet (see picture).


The label holder is made of steel (nickel-plated) and  comes from Ikea's old drawers with lids. I have a bunch of these and will use them as long as stock lasts.  You will receive a label that says "Post" and then two blanks if you want another text. A name maybe?


You can also choose to remove the label holder,  as I did in my craft room (see picture above).


If you do not know what color you want, you can start by ordering sample tags :)


Color selection
  • Weights and Measures

    Width: 24 cm

    Length:  24 cm (The pocket itself is 22 cm)

    Pocket height outwards: 3 cm

    Label holder: 6.5 x 2.5 cm

    Weight: 325 g


  • Material

    Crocheted from 100% recycled cotton

    Plywood for reinforced back

    Linen fabric on the back

    Sewn together with organic, GOTS-certified cotton thread

    Steel label holder (nickel-plated)

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