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Aggi's classic seat cushions

My classic seat cushions are timeless, close to nature and comfortable to sit on. They are made of a thick and lovely Lovikkagarn, 100% Swedish sheep wool . Wool is a fantastic material and perfect for seat cushions. The can regulate both heat and cold.


You can choose from four natural colors (uncoloured wool): white and / or three shades of gray: light gray, gray and dark gray.


If you order two seat cushions, you save SEK 100 and if you order four cushions, you save SEK 300.


I crochet them first and then I felt them in the washing machine. Then the wool contracts and the seat cushion becomes compact. It is about 37-38 cm in diameter and is about 1.5 cm thick. You can wash the cushion in 30 degrees (wool program) and it will not lose size or shape. Make sure you plant dry it.


If you are not sure what color shade you want, you can order small samples with the colors provided you are interested in.

Aggi's classic seat cushions

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  • Weights and Measures

    about 37-38 cm in diameter

    Height (thickness) about 1.5 cm

    Weight 240 - 260 g depending on color choice

  • Material

    100% Swedish sheep wool (Lovikkagarn), undyed

    • The  vita garnet -  Finull / Gotlandsull / Leicesterull
    • The gray yarns -  wool of Gotland sheep
  • Care instructions

    The wool is in itself dirt-repellent, ie. the dirt settles on the surface, and  this is because the wool contains natural fats. Stains are usually good to remove with a damp cloth. Do this as soon as possible so that the stain does not have time to sink in. 

    It is possible to wash in 30 degrees (wool program).

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