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Städglädje med Marléne Eriksson - rent hemma, städa med naturens egna medel

The joy of cleaning helps you make cleaning both easier, more fun and more environmentally friendly! With a focus on non-toxic agents such as lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate and old tube socks (!), Marléne Eriksson goes through all the rooms and surfaces in your entire home and explains how to get it shiny clean.

The book is clearly laid out and the cleaning is done through room by room, with tips on what to do every day, every week and every month. The experienced cleaner can get lots of inspiration here and learn to be more efficient, while those who may have just moved away from home can learn the basics of cleaning.

How to deal with dust, mites and shit, the home's 10 worst filthy traps, the right cleaning for your floor or tips on a quick cleaning when it suddenly rings on the door are just a few excerpts from the contents. For each room in the house, you get to know which cleaning gadgets are needed, what should be cleaned every day and how to do a more thorough weekly cleaning. Everything is so neat, simple and pedagogically laid out so that the desire to clean really arises.

Cleaning guru Marléne Eriksson also answers a lot of questions about stains, cleaning of large items and unwanted odors. There is no cleaning problem that Marléne does not have a solution to. Cleaning is also about caring for your home and taking care of your things. With this book, it will be easy to have a clean and nice home and create a home you want to live and socialize in!

Städglädje med Marléne Eriksson - rent hemma, städa med naturens egna medel

  • Info about the book

    Author:  Marlene Eriksson, Eva Nyqvist

    Designer:  Lisa Kullberg

    Format:  Flexband

    Edition:  1

    ISBN:  9789113082714

    Language:  Swedish

    Number of pages:  126

    Release Date:  2018-01-04

    Publisher:  Norstedts Förlag

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