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Felted elves

The idea was one kind of elf, but when I started with the needle felting of my elves, I felt such creative joy that at the time of writing there are four different kinds of elves to choose from. In time, there will probably be more :)


The elves are needle felted with Swedish carded wool. For some delails I use needle felt and wool yarn, also these of Swedish wool.


Since the elves are handmade, there are small variations between them, but this means that each elf is unique. They're about 7 cm high.


If you want to hang your elves in the Christmas tree, you say so and I will sew a hanging thread in them.


The elves are delivered in a box made of cardboard. At the bottom I put some shredded paper.

Felted elves

  • Measure

    ca 7  cm high

  • Material

    Carded wool, needle felt and possibly yarn of  100% Swedish sheep wool

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