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Garden vest "Elin"

The garden vest is a practical garment to wear outside. It keeps your upper body warm, while the lack of sleeves cools the body. For me, it is a perfect garment for gardening in the spring and late fall.  The collar goes up a little, as if to protect the neck, but is not in the way.


The vest is knitted with a thick and soft yarn of 65% sheep wool and 35% alpaca wool. Wool is a natural material that regulates heat and cold in a fantastic way, which is perfect for outdoor activities. 


I have named the garden vest after the women's rights activist Elin Wägner. Elin was born in the late 19th century and died in 1949. She  was a writer   and was part of the famous Fogelstadsgruppen, which came to form the Women's Citizens' School.  What is less known is that she also became involved in the environmental issue and pointed out early on the connection between human behavior and the well-being of nature.


In Småland, Elin built her house  Lilla Björka, where she ran organic farming. For those who want to know more, I can recommend the radio program "Elin Wägner, the earth and the trees" on Swedish Radio.  



Garden vest "Elin"

  • Material

    65% sheep wool and 35% alpaca wool, origin South America.

  • Sizes

    See the size guide among the product images.

  • Care instructions

    Wool is inherently dirt and odor repellent, but if you want to wash the vest, you should wash it by hand or run a wool program (30 degrees) in the washing machine. Use detergent intended for wool garments. 

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