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Wall storage for yarn sticks

I love order, so when the knitting became too many I needed a better storage for them and voilà! 


The wall storage consists of two rows with six compartments on each row. The compartments are adapted for knitting needles.


The storage is sewn in an untreated and unbleached linen. To create stability, I chose one  quite strong fabric.


Up in both corners I have created two small details that belong to knitting: a ball of yarn with two knitting needles and an ongoing knitting. I have made the knitting needles from wooden sticks and small wooden beads. I first knitted on real needles and then put it on my small, created needles. I have embroidered the ball of yarn with a multicolored cotton yarn. 


The storage hangs on a wooden stick that I have decorated with sandpaper. If you want another suspension variant, we will arrange it. 

Wall storage for yarn sticks

  • Measure

    Length 82 cm

    Width 30 cm

  • Material

    Untreated and unbleached linen fabric.  OEKO-tex certified,  which means that no hazardous substances are used in the manufacturing process. Made in Sweden.

    The cotton yarn for the details is 100% cotton and so is it  OEKO-tex certified.

    The knitting needles are made of narrow wooden needles and small wooden beads from an old necklace.

    The storage hangs on a wooden stick that I found outside.  

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