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be part of the Crafts team

If you are interested in joining the Crafts team, and start selling crafts in this online store, you should start by submitting the expression of interest at the bottom of this page.  
It is important that your crafts and products  is in line with the values that underlie Aggi's craftsmanship. I would like you to use natural and non-synthetic materials as much as possible  consciously chosen based on a sustainability mindset.  It is desirable that  you  make conscious choices in your manufacturing and value as many ingredients as possible  in your work are environmentally friendly. Your craftsmanship should fit under the slogan "close to nature and sustainable design".  
Sustainable society is about more than just the environment. It is also about us as humans being able to live so that we feel good, both  physically  and mentally.  It is therefore also important to me that you do your crafts because it makes you happy and that you feel a positive  satisfaction of working with the hands.  
After I have received your registration of interest, I will contact you and give you more detailed info about the arrangement.

Registration of interest

If you are interested in joining the craft team, and selling your crafts  via this online store, you should start by filling out the contact form below.  

Once I have received your message, I will contact you. 

Thank you for your message!

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