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Aggis classic pot underlay

Say hello to my classic and timeless pot underlay that consists of handmade wool balls.


I make the balls myself from carded wool, hot water, soap, tea strainer and a lot of hand power. Sometimes I even have to supplement with a little needle felting. I can calmly say that it requires patience and perseverance. In the end, I have 260 wool balls for a large pot underlay, 130 for a small one. How many wool balls are then consumed depends on how big they became. When the balls are ready, and have dried, I sew them together with an organic one cotton thread. I use double thread to make it durable.


My classic underlay consists of carded wool which I buy and wool yarn that I card myself. The wool balls with it the maroon color is naturally colored with avocado and peel from yellow onion.

Aggis classic pot underlay

  • Weights and Measures

    The dimensions are approximate as the ball size can affect a little but then it is about +/- 0.5 cm.


    ca 21  cm in diameter

    Height about 2 cm

    Weight about 125 g



    Length: about 42 cm

    Width: about 23 cm

    Height: 2 cm

    Weight: about 250 grams

  • Material

    66% Swedish sheep wool,  17% organic sheep wool and  17% South American sheep wool.

    Sewn together with organic, GOTS-certified cotton thread.

  • Care instructions

    It is almost inevitable not to spill on a pot underlay, but when it does, you take a damp cloth and removes the spill immediately. If the stain has sunk in, you can wash the pads a little gently under warm, running water. If you want to use some remedy, take some soap.

    Do not wash in the washing machine!

    Over time, can the colors to fade a bit.

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