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The colorful baby blanket

When my sister was going to have her late little Ellie, I decided to make a baby blanket for her. I chose four colors to work with and the result was this blanket which I call the colorful blanket. 


I use a lovely and fine organic cotton yarn that makes the blanket soft, light and keeps the baby warm enough. 


The blanket is crocheted with a technique that has slightly different names, but I think that weaving crochet describes the pattern  best.


Of course you can get this blanket with other colors. Maybe the colors used in the playful baby blanket? 


You can also order a small sample patch if you want :)

The colorful baby blanket

  • Measure

    Width: 50 cm

    Length: 60 cm

  • Material

    100% organic cotton

  • Care instructions

    Wash at 30 degrees

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