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The crocheted kitchen towel

This kitchen towel is available thanks to my sister who wanted a kitchen towel that matched the classic pot holder. Towel  is elastic crochet  with  five  different colors. The elastic pattern  makes the towel stretchable and the structure is perfect for a towel.


The material, which consists of hemp and cotton,  has a very good absorption capacity and thus fits perfectly in the kitchen. A tip is to wash the towel once before you start using it. It's like the absorbency kicks in properly after that first wash.


You can get this towel in a different color combination  and the last product image shows the color combo, even though it's another towel.

The crocheted kitchen towel

The crocheted kitchen towel
  • Mått

    Längd: 40 cm

    Bredd: 30 cm


  • Material

    34% hemp

    41% cotton

    25% modal

  • Care instructions

    Can be washed at 60 degrees without fabric softener.  However, the colors fade slightly at that temperature.

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