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Eco-soap Wash-Clean-Dish - mild scent

A handmade organic soap that is suitable for washing, cleaning and washing dishes! Solid soap  with a mild scent of citrus, eucalyptus and lavender.  Enzyme-free, phthalate-free, good for you, your home and the environment.


The best clothing care and the most environmentally friendly way to wash clothes is to  do not wash  without  use clothes in natural materials  and air their clothes.


Use on stains and when washing by hand or in a laundry bag in the machine's detergent compartment - the soap dispenses itself. Then put the soap in a bag made of e.g. flax so that it does not disappear into the machine.


Remember to take the soap out of the detergent compartment and out of the bag so that it can dry between washes. The more moist the soap is when you wash, the more it doses.


The 80g wash soap is enough for about 30 washes in the machine's detergent compartment. 


If you have extra dirty laundry, you can add 1-2 tbsp  soap flakes  directly in the drum or in a similar soap bag that you fill with a tablespoon of soap flakes and then put in the drum.


Vinegar in the rinse aid dispenser removes bad odor and replaces the rinse aid.  Mix one or two teaspoons of 24% vinegar with just over twice as much water and pour into the rinse aid dispenser - or just pour a small splash of vinegar directly into the compartment. You can have a larger amount ready-mixed in a glass bottle that is shaken before each time.  Really sweaty clothes can  you soak in vinegar for a while before washing.



Pour hot water over, soak for a few minutes, then pick up the soap. Vinegar or vinegar can be good to mix with. 



At hand wash, pour hot water over, work up a lather with your hands, then pick up the soap. You can also put the soap on a draining soap dish and just rub the clean wet dish brush against the soap - it's so easy to hand wash that way.


Eco-soap Wash-Clean-Dish - mild scent

  • Weight

    80 g

  • Ingredients

    Made from organically certified oils of Swedish cold-pressed rapeseed and coconut. Essential oil Lemongrass, Lavender and Eucalyptus.

    Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Canolate, Sodium Cocate, Aqua, Glycerin.   Contains:> 30% Soap.
      Cymbopogon flexuosus oil, Lavandula agustifolia oil,  Eucalyptus globulus oil  .  Perfume: Linalool *, Lemon *, Citral *. * Fragrance component in essential oil.

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