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A set of wooden kitchen utensils

I have put together a set of five  kitchen utensils such as  I myself have great use of. The seat consists of:


  • Two wooden spoons in two different sizes - the smaller one is good when you cook porridge, jam, rice etc. and the large one is good when you make pots or need a spoon to take up food.
  • Wooden fork - good for frying minced meat.
  • Pliers for cooking - good when a e.g. steaks halloumi or sausages.
  • Frying spade


For more info on  kitchen utensils (eg dimensions), go into the respective product. 

A set of wooden kitchen utensils

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  • Material

    Made of birch, untreated.

    The frying pan is hot-bent.

  • Care instructions

    Should preferably be hand washed because it  small cracks can occur in the wood  if they  washed in the dishwasher.

    You can advantageously oil them  with an eco-friendly oil such as coconut oil or linseed oil. Then the wood stays finer longer.

  • About Korgboet

    Kitchen utensils  comes from Korgboet which is a small Småland company that has been in over  20 year. 

    Crafts made in Sweden come from one of the small-scale manufacturers in Sweden that Korgboet collaborates with. 

    All Korgboet's crafts  made of natural materials.

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