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Felt needles for felting

Wool center  felting needles for felting. 


I sell them:

  • piecemeal  (SEK 15 / pc)
  • in pairs consisting of either 1  thin and 1 medium OR 1 medium and 1 coarse (SEK 27)
  • 3-pack consisting of  1  thin, 1 medium and 1 coarse (SEK 39)


I deliver the needles with a small piece of needle felt from Filtmakeriet, so you have something to store them on.

Felt needles for felting

  • Info about the felt needles

    Available in three coarse sizes: thin, medium and coarse

    A needle is 8 cm long

    Manufacturer: Wool center on Öland

  • Care instructions

    The needle tips may break if you do not handle them carefully. 

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