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Pot underlay "A sheep in the vegetable garden"

When autumn comes, it's harvest festival! Potatoes, beets, carrots and other goodies directly from our soil, it's amazing! This pot underlay is a tribute to the harvest festival.


I have dyed white, carded wool with:


  • beetroot
  • carrot blast
  • red cabbage
  • peel from yellow onion
  • potato peelings


The white wool comes from southern Swedish mixed breed sheep.


Then we have the black wool that comes from Gotland sheep. It may represent the soil in which the root vegetables germinate.


The color process is completely natural and if you want to know more about how it works, you can read about it under the category "Manufacturing".


I make the wool balls by hand and there is one time consuming work. The large pot underlay consists of 244 - 257 wool balls, depending on how big they get. The small consists of about half.


When the balls are ready, and have dried, I sew them together with an organic cotton yarn. I use double thread to make it durable.



Pot underlay "A sheep in the vegetable garden"

  • Weights and Measures

    The dimensions are approximate as the ball size can affect a little but then it is about +/- 0.5 cm.


    ca 21  cm in diameter

    Height about 2 cm

    Weight about 125 g



    Length: about 42 cm

    Width: about 23 cm

    Height: 2 cm

    Weight: about 250 grams

  • Material

    100% Swedish sheep wool

    Black wool comes from Gotland sheep

    The white wool comes from mixed breed sheep from southeastern Sweden

    The underlay is sewn together with 100% organic  cotton thread , GOTS-certified.

  • Care instructions

    It is almost inevitable not to spill on a pot holder, but when it does, you take  a damp cloth and removes the spill immediately. If the stain has sunk in, you can wash the pads a little gently under warm, running water. If you want to use some remedy, take some soap. 

    Do not wash in the washing machine!

    Over time, can  the colors to fade a bit.

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