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Häxans trädgård - läkeväxter förr och nu

The witch's garden  combines garden, health, cultural history and spirituality. In handbook format, cultural history is told around fifty of our most common medicinal herbs, how they can be used medicinally, in cooking and in skin care today. Clear photos help the reader find the right herbs. The witch's garden also brings back a magical dimension into our lives and gardens through the herbs' ancient, important role in rituals and as an aid in focusing. The reader receives solid tips on how medicinal herbs are found or grown, and how they are used. 

The witch's garden  gives the reader other eyes to look at what is growing around us. The book describes lots of common plants that have a gentle effect on various ailments: some flowers whose beauty we otherwise enjoy, can also be used in decoctions for pain. Insignificant weeds prove to be excellent relief for insect bites or become a good vitamin supplement in the salad. Wise women have known the fantastic properties of medicinal herbs for millennia, although for a long time the knowledge has been kept secret. When it was called black magic in the 17th century, the wise old women were said to cooperate with the devil and were burned at the stake. The medicinal herb tradition ended up in the corner of shame, but its knowledge was eventually absorbed by the pharmaceutical industry. Today, many of the herbs' medicinal effects are scientifically proven and it's time to give the witches redress! 


Hella Nathorst-Böös has worked as a freelance journalist and stylist for the popular press for twenty-five years. Over the years, she has written numerous articles on health and personal development, and several articles on medicinal herbs. In her garden she has an herb garden with traditional medicinal herbs. Hella is passionate about cultural history and women's history and for promoting physical and mental health. All these interests meet in the practice of medicinal herbs. 


Häxans trädgård - läkeväxter förr och nu

  • Info about the book

    Author:  Hella Nathorst-Böös

    Designer:  Jenny Gemzell

    Format:  Bound

    Edition:  1

    ISBN:  9789187371844

    Language:  Swedish

    Number of pages:  191

    Release Date:  2016-04-15

    Publisher:  Bladh by Bladh

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