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Wrist warmer "Ljung"

When the colder days of autumn come, it's nice to have a wrist warmer. These wrist warmers are knitted in so-called double elastic, which  makes the wrist warmers elastic. 


The yarn is 100% Swedish sheep wool and 3-thread. Wool has a fantastic ability to regulate heat and cold, which makes it so good for garments like this.


You can currently choose between four different colors: mustard yellow, dark gray, off-white and dark pink / purple. The  yellow and pink / purple yarn is dyed on light gray / medium gray wool, which is visible. Not sure what color you want? Order a small sample note!


The wool can feel a bit sticky in the beginning with the advice is to wash it (wool program) and to use them often. The more you use them, the smoother the wool becomes.  




Wrist warmer "Ljung"

  • Mått

    Längd 24 cm

    Omkrets 18 cm

    Längd från toppen ner till där tumhålet börjar 3 cm

    Tumhålet 5 cm långt

  • Material

    100% Swedish sheep wool:

    • Dark gray - uncoloured wool from Gotland sheep
    • Dark pink / purple and  Mustard yellow = dyed wool yarn from Gotland sheep
    • Off white -  Ryaull / Gotlandsull / Gobeläng
  • Care instructions

    The wool is in itself dirt-repellent, ie. the dirt settles on the surface, and  this is because the wool contains natural fats. Stains are usually good to remove with a damp cloth. Do this as soon as possible so that the stain does not have time to sink in. 

    It is possible to wash in 30 degrees (wool program).


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