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Handbag for children

A perfect bag for children who, for example, play business! It is spacious and easy for the child to hang on his arm.


The bag is crocheted  with  100% recycled cotton yarn. It is a fairly strong and durable yarn, perfect for craftsmanship like this.


I colored the wooden balls with an environmentally friendly colors.  First I painted the balls and sounded  them last for almost two weeks. Then I washed them in warm water. Some of the paint disappeared from time to time and I still had wooden balls with wonderful, soft and pleasant colors. 


I have reinforced the bottom of the bag with a hard piece of cardboard, which  sewn in so that it is not visible. You can see this on one of the product images.

Handbag for children

  • Weights and Measures

    The bottom is 17 cm long and 10 cm wide

    Circumference of the bag 47 cm

    The handle is approx  24 cm long

    The wooden balls are 18 mm in diameter

    The total weight of the bag is 175  g

  • Material

    Crocheted with 100% recycled cotton yarn.

    Wooden balls.

    The paint used on the wooden balls,  is an environmentally friendly paint from "Natural Earth Paint". Ingredients:  water, clay, organic castor oil, organic beeswax, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol extracted from vegetable oils, carrageenan seaweed, olive emulsification, fairtrade shea butter and optiphen free as parabens and formaldehyde.

    A piece of cardboard is sewn into the bottom.


  • Care instructions

    Hand washes

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