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The kitchen towel "Allmoge" - create it yourself!

My first create-yourself kit! The choice fell on one of my latest crafts: the kitchen towel "Allmoge" whicj means "folklore" in swedish.


I have prepared the linen for you so the only thing you need to do is embroider on the drawn lines. Then you have to sew in the edges and in connection with that sew on the finished hanger. For this, it is good if you have a sewing machine, but it is also possible to sew by hand.


What you get in this kit are:

  • A cut piece of linen fabric (45 x 62 cm) that I have washed (so you do not have to worry about it shrinking after the first wash) and sew an edge seam around.


  • Drawn lines, so you can embroidering at once! The lines are made with a textile pen.


  • Pre-cut embroidery thread - those that are tied together with green hemp thread are for the long sides, those with white hemp thread are for the short sides.


  • An embroidery needle


  • Pre-made hanger for the towel


  • A link to a video instruction where I show you how to embroider and sew the edges of the towel when you are done. You can decide if you what it in swedish or english.



The kitchen towel "Allmoge" - create it yourself!

  • Material, dimensions and weight

    100% unbleached linen fabric (45 x 62 cm). Weight about 90 g.


    Embroidery yarn of 100% cotton. Total weight about 9 g.

  • Care instructions for the finished towel

    Wash at 60 degrees without fabric softener. Do not tumble dry. 

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