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Basket bag

A basket bag that is perfect for storage and  the excursion. It is also very good to bring to the store if you are going to do a small act.  I myself am currently storing an ongoing needlework in my basket bag :) 


The basket bag has two handles that are movable, which is incredibly practical. The basket is handmade from the natural material willow which makes the basket both stable and durable. 


The basket in my pictures is the smaller basket that is  31 cm long, 14 cm wide  and 18 cm high. There is also a larger variant that is 43 cm long.

Basket bag

  • Materials and dimensions

    Basket bag with 2 handles made of arrow

    The smaller:

    Length: 31 cm

    Width: 14  cm

    Height: 18 cm


    The larger:

    Length: 43 cm

    Lacks other dimensions at the moment

  • About Korgboet

    The basket comes from Korgboet, which is a small Småland company that has been around for a while  20 year.

    The baskets are made according to an old tradition in Poland. The craft is inherited from old to young within the family. Everything from harvesting the arrow to the finished product is done by hand.  All our baskets are handmade, this means that each basket is unique. Hence, they can differ in both size and design.

    All Korgboet's crafts  made of natural materials.

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