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Little little old woman's morning routine

One evening when I read Elsa Beskow's debut book from 1897 to my daughter, it struck me how heavenly nice the cover page is. I was struck by a great desire to recreate it in some way. Reuse the motif to keep it alive in some way. It became an embroidery, which now hangs on our wall.


I chose to make the yarn needles more vivid by making a "real" pair of a thin stick and two wooden beads. It is an appreciated detail I have noticed.


The embroidery is delivered without a frame as I think it is best if you decide where and how you want this embroidery.


Little little old woman's morning routine

  • Material

    Embroidered on Öeko-labeled linen fabric

    The yarn is mainly bamboo / cotton

    Wood details

  • Measure

    Width: 17 cm

    Length: 22 cm

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