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Cleansing sponge for the face

Cleaning sponges for makeup removal and mild cleaning, which are sold  in 2-pack.


Foam up handmade eco-soap on the sponge or use an organic oil  for your cleaning.  Massage the oil into your face before working off the dirt with the sponge.  Start at the forehead and pull the sponge along the face from the center out to the sides. Work your way down through your face. By cleaning in this direction, you minimize the risk of swelling of the face.

Rinse with water in between if you think the fungus has accumulated too much dirt.

Cleansing sponge for the face

  • Size

    Diameter 8 cm

  • Material

    Biodegradable cellulose sponge made of cotton and linen.

  • Care instructions

    Always wash the sponge with soap and water after use, turn it out and let it dry.

    You can even cook the mushrooms for a few minutes.

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