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Create Aggi's seed storage - a material kit

If you want to make it a little easier for yourself, you can buy a material kit that contains a lot of the material, and the tools, that you need to create Aggi's seed storage. 


The kit contains:

  • 98 m jute yarn  (3 mm)
  • 9 m green hemp yarn  of the brand Number One Hemp 
  • 3 lengths of 40 cm of knitting thread
  • Crochet hook 8 mm
  • Fine sackcloth 36x70 cm from Linnehem
  • Coarse needle that fits the jute yarn
  • Rough piece of cardboard to the bottom of the drawers
  • Cardboard paper (one light and one colorless) for the labels


You must complete with:

  • Some tape and glue
  • Sewing machine (or if you sew by hand) and sewing thread 
  • Flower sticks or similar
  • Safety pins




Create Aggi's seed storage - a material kit

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