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The forest berry cardigans

First came the sweaters and now you can say hello to Skogbärskoftorna ! The collection consists of  Blueberries cardigan, Lingonberry cardigan and Forest Raspberry cardigan.


The cardigans are plain knitted with an yarn that is incredible  soft and nice! Unlike the forest berry sweaters, the cardigans have folding edges, which  also stockinette stitch.


Garnet  is 100% organic, but there are some differences between the different colors. The  the red, blue and white yarns are merino wool and this yarn is GOTS-certified. An incredible  luxury yarn from the Swedish company Imagine Wool .  The green and raspberry pink yarn is organic sheep wool from the Danish company BC yarn .


If you are curious about these cardigans, you can always start by ordering a sample patch of one or more color combinations.


Do you lack any size or do you think it would be nice if the sweater was solid color? Contact me and we will solve it  :) 

The forest berry cardigans

Color combo
  • Material

    The yarn is 100% organic but comes from two different manufacturers:

    • White, blue and red yarns - 100% organic merion wool, GOTS-certified
    • Green and raspberry pink yarn - 100% organic wool
  • Care instructions

    Hand washes 

  • Storleksguide (cm)




    och stuss


    Längd från 


    och ner 


    (från armhåla till 


    86/92 64 24 23
    98/104         68 27 26
    110/116             72 30 29
    122/128 73 33 32
    132/140 74 36 35

    Måtten avser koftans mått. 

    Har du funderingar kring något annat mått på koftan kan du kontakta mig :)

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