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Wooden fork

A very good kitchen utensil such as. facilitates when frying minced meat. 


The wooden fork is made in Sweden  in untreated birch wood and is 32 cm long.


Wooden fork

  • Materials and dimensions

    Made  of untreated birch

    Length: 32  cm

  • Care instructions

    Should preferably be hand washed because it  small cracks can occur in the wood  if it is washed in the dishwasher.

    You can advantageously oil it with a nature-friendly oil such as coconut oil or linseed oil. Then the wood stays finer longer.

  • About Korgboet

    The kitchen utensil comes from Korgboet, which is a small Småland company that has been around for a while  20 year. 

    Crafts made in Sweden come from one of the small-scale manufacturers in Sweden that Korgboet collaborates with. 

    All Korgboet's crafts  made of natural materials.

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