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Woven seasonal rugs with wooden bridge

Seasons, wonderful seasons! At home, we decorate the children's windows in the hall according to the current season. A large part of the arrangement consists of the two woven rugs that I made: one that is suitable for both spring, summer and autumn and one with a winter landscape. 


Now you can also order rugs like this and set your and the children's seasonal favorites there. Now in the autumn, e.g. my children there leaves, acorns and rosehips. Very cozy!


I weave the rugs with a little different kinds of yarn, but for the most part it is wool yarn. The little wooden bridge I make from sticks that I find outside. I glue them together, with environmentally friendly glue, on a small piece of cardboard.


What is included in this particular package is:

  • Woven rug with greenery 
  • Woven rug with snow
  • A wooden bridge


You can order the felted snowman and the little seasonal girls separately. 

Woven seasonal rugs with wooden bridge

  • Measure

    Length about 27 cm

    The width varies, but on the widest parts it is 27 cm

    The wooden bridge is 7 cm long and 4 cm wide

  • Material

    Mostly  wool yarn (residual yarn and second hand).

    The weaving thread is carpet warp (50% Cotton, 50% Polyester).

    The wooden bridge consists of wooden sticks I picked myself, a piece of cardboard and environmentally friendly glue.


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