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Woven toilet sign

When we moved into our house, this was one of my first projects and I love this woven toilet sign! I took the inspiration from the outhouse that my in-laws have at their cottage. 


I have let the birch crown "infect" outside the painting's square shape to create a more vivid image. The real stones serve the same purpose.


I weave the board with different yarns and I dare say that most are 100% wool yarns. I mainly weave with residual yarn (yarn left over after a project) and second-hand yarn. This means that the yarn may differ from what you see in the pictures, but I always strive for it to be reminiscent of my original yarn. 


It should also be pointed out that I weave freely (does not follow a specific pattern) so the paintings will not be identical to the one you see in the picture. But that's the way it is with crafts, unlike factory-made, every craft becomes unique!

Woven toilet sign

  • Measure

    The woven board is 15 x 15 cm and then a few cm is added for the wooden stick in which the board is hung.

  • Material

    Mostly  wool yarn (residual yarn and second hand).

    The weaving thread is carpet warp (50% Cotton, 50% Polyester).

    Wooden stick and stones  from our plot.

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