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Aggis customer club

As a member of the customer club you get:

  • Offers in the form of discounts and "Free shipping" (discount code emailed to you)

  • Free test patches *  

  • A small birthday present (if you entered your birthday in the registration)

  • The opportunity to buy finished crafts that I've used as a "Sign-ex"

  • Link to news video four times a year (instead of newsletters) 

The current news video


When you register as a member, you will receive an automatic email from me. This email may end up in your spam . If this is the case, your personal discounts etc will also end up in the spam, if you do not change the setting for emails from Aggis hantverk. 

* The cost of the test patches is deducted on the invoice, not in the online store checkout. If you only order samples, I offer the shipping cost for free.

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