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100% Swedish wool yarn

Genuine, fine wool yarn from Ullcentrum. The yarn is 3-thread and fits  sweaters, cardigans, hats, mittens, socks, blankets, scarves etc.


The shades of natural white, light gray, gray and dark gray are natural colors, ie these yarns are uncoloured. 


The  the mustard yellow yarn is dyed, white wool. The grass green is colored, light gray yarn.


Aggi's craft uses this yarn for example  koftan "Simone",  the garden cardigan "Cajsa",  the sweater "Astrid" as well  to the tube shawl and  the wrist warmers. 

100% Swedish wool yarn

  • Information om garnet

    Vikt: 50 eller 100 gram 

    Längd: ca. 100 eller 200 meter

    Material: 100 % svenskt ullgarn

    Rekommenderade stickor: 4,5 mm (Aggi använder oftast 2,5-3 mm)

    Rekommenderad virknål: 5 mm

    Masktäthet: 18 m på stickor nr 4,5 = 10 cm

    Maskintvätt: 30 grader (ulltvätt)


    Ullcentrum has a small-scale production on Öland and their yarn  spun from 100% Swedish wool from Öland and the southeast  Sweden.

    ​ Their business strives to be  environmentally friendly  and organic, as far as possible, and their focus is on the natural materials wool and linen.

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