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Disk brushes

This dish brush comes from  Iris Hantverk, which has its base in a brush binding Enskede. 


The dish brush is made of horsehair and untreated beech wood.


It is machine made. 


When the brush head has done its thing  the head can be replaced with a new dish brush head. The old  the disc brush head  can be composted.

Disk brushes

  • Weights and Measures

    Weight 94 g
    Length 23 cm
    Width 4 cm
    Height 4.5 cm

  • Material

    Brush in horsehair and  handle in untreated book

  • Care instructions

    A dish brush in wood and natural materials that is cared for properly lasts for several months. Should be hung on a hook or placed airily with the head up so that it can dry between washes. 

    Does not withstand machine washing but can be dipped in warm water with a splash of vinegar if needed.

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