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Felted gingerbread

A nice gingerbread decoration to hang in the Christmas tree or why not in the window. I create the figures by needle felting carded wool. By pricking with a special felting needle  in the wool I can create solid figures that retain the shape I give them. 


The string, to hang the figures with, is wool yarn  which I felted in the figures. On the last product image you can see what they look like on the back.


You are free to choose which ones you want and how many. The usual ones cost SEK 30 / pc and one  large  gingerbread hearts with names on cost SEK 50 / pc. 


They are delivered in a bag that I sew from jute fabric and you can use the bag to store your Christmas tree decorations or for a Christmas present, instead of wrapping paper :)

Felted gingerbread

  • Measure

    Gingerbread man about 10 x 6  cm

    Christmas pig about 5 x 11 cm

    Christmas tree about 11  x 5  cm

    Heart 7 x 7 cm

    (Height x width)

  • Material

    100% Swedish  carded wool and wool yarn

    The bag for the decoration is made of jute sack fabric and the ribbon is embroidered linen ribbon

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