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Pot brushes

This pot brush is fantastic and I myself can not do without it in the kitchen. Perfect for jars or baking trays. 


It is made of birch wood and natural bristles, which are strong and water resistant.



Pot brushes

  • Material

    Made  in birch wood and natural bristles.


  • Care instructions

    Should preferably be hand washed because it  small cracks can occur in the wood  if it is washed in the dishwasher.

    You can advantageously oil it with a nature-friendly oil such as coconut oil or linseed oil. Then the wood stays finer longer.

  • About Korgboet

    The kitchen utensil comes from Korgboet, which is a small Småland company that has been around for a while  20 year.

    All Korgboet's crafts  made of natural materials.

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