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Imagine Wool "Soft merino"

Imagine Wool is a small, Swedish company run by Josefin and Alexandre. Based on their commitment to sustainable development, and an interest in knitting, they created Imagine Wool. Their yarn is incredibly soft, making it perfect for cloths for children.


Imagine Wools yarn has the GOTS certification "Organic", which means that their products contains at least 95% certified organic fiber. The wool they use comes from Patagonia in Argentina. The land used for the sheep is taken care of in a sustainable way so that no forest is cut down. The climate is favorable, which means that the sheep are not exposed to mulesing.


The wool is then sent to Portugal where it is spun and dyed, all according to GOTS ecological standards. GOTS certification guarantees social responsibility throughout the entire production chain.


The labels on the ball of yarn are made from recycled paper.


Imagine Wool "Soft merino"

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  • Information about the yarn

    Weight: 50 grams

    Length: approx. 100  meter

    Material / fiber: 100% GOTS organic merino wool (not superwashed)

    Recommended knitting needles: 3.5 - 4.5

    Knitting tension: 21 mx  28 rounds = 10x10cm

  • Care instructions

    Their yarn is untreated to retain the natural properties of the wool, therefore hand washing of garments etc. made with this yarn is recommended.

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