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The rabbit "Sixten"

When a person, unknown to me, asked if I could knit a little rabbit for her grandchild I could not say no, even though I had never created anything like it before. I got some photos of a rabbit that the grandchild already had and I got the information about its height. It became a fun challenge for me that required mathematical calculations, working with scales and a training in creating knitted shapes. I am very happy with the result and the grandchild gave the rabbit the name Sixten.


My son gave a similar rabbit to his little sister when she was born and that rabbit still means a lot to her. Among other things, this was what made me accept this challenge. Imagine if more babies could get a rabbit like this, but with the addition that it is a handmade rabbit, created for that particular baby. In addition, it is knitted with 100% organic merion wool from the Swedish company Imagine Wool .


The padding consists of 100% Swedish, carded wool, but the embroidery yarn is of unknown origin. However, it is 100% cotton, which counts as a natural material.

The rabbit "Sixten"

  • Material

    Yarn: 100% organic merion wool, GOTS-certified Organic

    The upholstery: 100% Swedish, carded wool

    Embroidery yarn: 100% cotton

  • Weights and Measures

    Length: 21  cm

    Weight:  ca 55  g

  • Care instructions

    Preferably, the rabbit should be hand-washed and since it is wool, the yarn itself is dirt-repellent.

    If you still want to run it in a machine, use a wool program with a low spin. Use a detergent intended for wool washing. 

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