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Linen fabric for embroidery

I have cut into pieces of fabric of different kinds of linen fabrics that are nice to embroider on. The pieces of fabric are 30 x 30 cm in size, so it is possible to use an embroidery bow that is up to 25 cm in diameter.


The pieces of fabric are available in four different types of linen:


  • Natural linen (280 g / m2 ) - a finer linen fabric but which is a bit strong. It is this linen fabric that I use for kitchen towels and aprons.


  • Natural linen (450 g / m2) - a stronger version of the linen above. In the picture with the started Frida Kahlo embroidery, I use this fabric.


  • Mottled natural linen (280 g / m2) - this fabric is woven with yarns in different colors where the warp is lighter than the weft, which gives the fabric a varying structure and an irregular mottled appearance. This is the fabric I used for my nature-embroidery and for Ellie's nameplate.


  • Fine sackcloth (400 g / m2) - a more robust fabric. It is this fabric you see in the picture with the embroidered ball of yarn.


All linen fabrics are 100% linen and untreated (unbleached).


I have sewn edge stitch, but the fabric is not washed. This only matters if you want to wash the fabric. Then there is a risk that it will shrink a little.

Linen fabric for embroidery

  • Material

    100% untreated linen fabric

  • Measure

    30 x 30 cm

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