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Ullcentrums Lovikkagarn consists of 100%  Swedish sheep wool.


Suitable for Lovik gloves, socks, blankets etc. Can also be used for felting. 


The shades natural white, light gray, gray (* Gotland sheep) and dark gray are natural colors, ie these yarns are uncoloured. 


The  the red yarn is colored, light gray  wool. 


Aggi's craft uses this yarn for their crocheted blankets and  knitted pillows. 


The light gray yarn is a smaller tangle of 90 g and thus costs SEK 85 per skein.



* Wool fibers from Gotland sheep are slim, glossy, slippery and heavy. The fibers are not completely easy to spin, which means that the yarn can be a little unevenly spun, and feels a little thinner. However, it is the same weight per meter, as white yarn.


  • Information about the yarn

    Weight: 100  gram

    Length: approx. 64  meter

    Material: 100% Swedish wool yarn

    Recommended knitting needles: 7  mm

    Recommended crochet hook: 7 - 8 mm

    Machine wash: 30 degrees (wool wash) unless you are going to wet the yarn


    Ullcentrum has a small-scale production on Öland and their yarn  spun from 100% Swedish wool from Öland and the southeast  Sweden.

    ​ Their business strives to be  environmentally friendly  and organic, as far as possible, and their focus is on the natural materials wool and linen.

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