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Grandma's blanket

This lovely blanket consists of crocheted granny squares made of 100% wool, of which approx 60% are coming from Swedish wool sheep. The yarn is thick and soft, perfect for a blanket. I use five different colors: natural white, anthracite gray, fog green, yellow and olive green. Each box has a unique color combination.


I crochet the squares together and felt all loose ends toghether, in such a way that they "disappear". This takes time but it's worth it! Then we avoid threads that go up and the like.


You get to choose the size of your blanket! Each box is about 20x20 cm and do you want e.g. have a blanket that is 100x120 cm then there will be five columns six rows. You order then 30 boxes where each box costs 75 kr.


If you are unsure of how to think or do, you can always contact me and get help. You can also order a sample note.




Grandma's blanket

  • When ordering

    Fill  to the desired extent  on your blanket as well  how many  boxes  you order under "Quantity".

  • Measure

    Each box is about 20x20  cm so start from that when choosing the size of your blanket

  • Material

    100% sheep wool, of which about 60% comes from Swedish wool sheep. 

  • Care instructions

    The wool is in itself dirt-repellent, ie. the dirt settles on the surface, and  this is because the wool contains natural fats. Stains are usually good to remove with a damp cloth. Do this as soon as possible so that the stain does not have time to sink in. 

    It is possible to wash in 30 degrees (wool program).

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