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ONION "Hemp + Cotton + Modal"

An exciting material mix that gives the yarn a beautiful, raw structure. The yarn is strong and irregularly spun.


Hemp is a natural material that is known for its absorbency and for its cooling properties. Cotton is soft and cool. Modal *, extracted from beech wood and belonging to the same family as viscose, is a bit stretchy.


The yarn is very useful and Aggis hantverk uses this yarn for their dishcloths and towels. The yarn is also suitable for summer garments.


* Chemicals are used in production, but the company that produces modal is considered to have stricter environmental requirements and controls than those that produce viscose.

ONION "Hemp + Cotton + Modal"

  • Information about the yarn

    Weight: 50 grams

    Length: approx. 140  meter

    Material: 34% hemp, 41% cotton and 25% modal (produced in Italy)

    Recommended knitting needles: 3 mm

    Recommended crochet hook: 3  mm

    Knitting strength: 26m. x 38v. = 10x10cm

    Machine wash: 30 degrees

  • About ONION

    Onion is a Danish yarn company that invests in yarns made from natural fibers.  They have their production in Italy.

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