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Gingerbread kit for the children

My children love to play with these felted gingerbread cookies and the gingerbread dough! If you want to have a Swedish-made wooden rolling pin for children, it costs 60 kr extra.


The gingerbread, the dough and possibly the rolling pin are delivered in a box of cardboard. It can then be used to store the children's gingerbread cookies.


Just remember that the child must have passed the age when they want to taste everything.

Gingerbread kit for the children

  • Mått

    The gingerbread cookies are the same size as real gingerbread cookies.

    The dough is 32 x 27 cm large.

    The roll is 22  cm long.

  • Material

    100% Swedish  carded wool and wool yarn

    The rolling pin is made of birch wood, made in Sweden

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